Monday, August 1, 2011

Friday Finds

Most garage sales in my area start on Saturday but you can catch a few on Friday too. I love Friday sales because that means it's one less sale I need to squeeze in on Saturday morning. The boys and I were headed to the park so I stopped at a few yard sales on the way. Look what I found...

It's Squawkers!

As soon as I saw this parrot I knew it was FurReal's Squawkers. I paid $7 for him even though he was missing his cracker and perch. Check out what he sells for on eBay. He sells for even more with his perch and cracker.

I picked up the game for my little dinosaur lover. I don't usually pay so much for a board game ($2) especially when the box is in bad shape but I thought the dinosaur figures were so cute. I only found one auction for them on eBay.

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