Friday, July 15, 2011

Thrifty Finds: Books and Legos!

Earlier in the week the boys and I ventured out treasure hunting (that's our code word for yard sale-ing lol). I was looking up the garage sales on the Craigslist App and found one that had just started that morning. The ad listed Legos and Lego table so I quickly got the boys ready and headed out the door. I tried not to get my hopes up that the Legos would still be there since the sale had started a few hours ago. To my surprise they were both still there! The lady was asking $12 for the table and BIG bag of Legos. I knew it was a great deal for my little Lego lovers so I snatched it up.

I didn't get a picture of the bag of Legos before its contents were dumped out. :-)
 I found something brand new to put away for Chirstmas too.

Diego Mega Bloks $3

There were several boxes of children's books priced just right (10 to 50 cents) so I grabbed an armful. Since we were feeling lucky we stopped at my other favorite source for cheap books, Goodwill. After some digging we found some popular titles: Harold and the Purple Crayon, Madeline, Don't Let the Pigeon... and a few others.

We were excited to check out our treasures when we got home. We dumped the big bag of Legos first and found not only LOTS of Duplo blocks but also several special pieces like people, animals, a boat and a mega bloks train. I can't wait to hear the boys' adventures during playtime. (After I clean the legos of course!)

The special items that hadn't disappered into the playroom yet.

I was inspired to get back to selling on eBay after reading some posts by Yard Sale Mommy. A few years ago my husband and I had some success ($1,000 in 6 weeks) selling new toys on eBay during Christmas time. Business is slow at work so I'm going to try my hand at selling used toys this year. My sister and I hit the yard sales on Saturday on the hunt for inventory. I only found one thing but it's a beauty.

Ryan's Room:  Home Sweet Home

3 floors of fun

Furniture included

As soon as I got home I searched the internet (using Swagbucks) to find out more about the dollhouse. It turns out it's called Home Sweet Home by Ryan's Room and it's discontinued. I've decided to wait to sell it closer to Christmas after reading this blog post.

My other finds were more inexpensive books for the boys. I was especially excited about the almost new phonics readers for 50cents per set!

Goodwill and Yard Sale book finds.

I'm looking forward to next weekend's treasure hunt.

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  1. That dolls house sure is a beauty of a find! It looks like it is in great condition also. Well done!