Monday, July 18, 2011

Yard Sale Finds: Dinosaurs, Stride Rite and Highlights


Yay! Another Saturday  morning spent yard sale-ing with my sister! I found some good priced toys. The boys will get to enjoy the Little Tikes B.C. Builder Dinosaurs for a little bit while I prepare to list them on eBay. My little J-bird was excited to see puzzles he can add to his puzzle shelf. A couple of the Dinosaur Morphs were incomplete but there are still enough pieces to make some interesting creatures.

Gymboree Shirt $2, Stride Rite Shoes 50 cents each, bags and belt FREE

J-bird is going to look so cute in this shirt! I don't find a lot of boys' clothes at garage sales. When I do find something I get it, even if the boys aren't ready to wear it yet. I almost missed out on the Stride Rite shoes. I had passed them up at $2 each earlier in the day but after I told my husband about them he drove us back to check them out again. To my surprise they had been marked down to 50 cents each! I grabbed both pair even though they were the same size. Little B will probably be able to wear them some and then they will get passed down to J-bird. I picked up the belt for my little sister. I found it in a box marked "free". If she doesn't like it then I think I have something else in mind to do with it. The last garage sale on our list was generous enough to pack my goods in reuseable bags. I heart free reuseable bags!

Thrifty Homeschool Stuff

Little B will be starting his Kindergarten work at home next month. I've been steadily gathering things for cheap to help us not break the bank our first year. I got all 30 Highlight books for only $1. I have some ideas on how to use them that I'll post soon. I got the textured alphabet cards for $2 which is much cheaper than Amazon. Those are mostly for J-bird. I couldn't resist the bag of mini blocks for 50 cents. (Yes, they can be a choking hazard but they'll only be used under supervision. Promise.) I'm already brainstorming ideas for them. The books ranged from 10 to 50 cents but I did fork over a buck for the Mo Willems book. I found the Leap Frog Tag system on my return trip for the Stride Rite shoes. It was only $2! It came with an additional book too. I'll be keeping an eye out for more now.
I almost forgot...

Chomp Chomp!

My new Gator lunch bag! I had to snap a quick picture with my iPhone. It's worth way more to this family than the 50 cents I paid for it.

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  1. what great finds! those highlights and the other books will be perfect for starting homeschooling. the florida gators lunch bag hit home, b/c i just had family in from florida! makes me smile to see your find!

  2. You did GREAT and what a fun dinosaur set!

  3. Love your blog! I am so jealous of your finds, you lucky duck!

  4. Thanks ladies! The Mountain turned out to be a recall from the 90's so I won't be able to resell it. I contacted the company and they are sending me a $30 check that's good on their products only.